About GateWay Delivery

Our Mission

GateWay Delivery, LLC is a company based on old-fashioned values. We believe in hard work, dependability, consistency, honesty and community. Although we are a delivery company, making deliveries is not our only mission.

Our goal is to provide exceptional services by developing long-term partnerships with our clients, providing superior products through cutting edge technologies, and world-class customer service with the philosophy of combining ethical business practices, philanthropy and community.

GateWay Delivery not only provides options and convenience for busy lifestyles, but assistance for the elderly and a helping hand for families in need.

Our business model is designed not only to deliver quality products and services but also to address the food insecurities through our partnership with Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee. For every $100 in deliveries we receive, we make a donation to the SHFB of East TN.

At GateWay, we believe that we are strong and better together!


Patrick Bardsley

Patrick Bardsley


Patrick Bardsley is an emerging business owner and entrepreneur focused on strengthening families and building communities.

Bardsley has used his life experiences and translated them into a philosophy of combining philanthropy with quality services and products to grow professionally while also engaging community to support one another.

Bardsley has strong sales and customer service background coupled with his drive, determination and strong work ethic to propel GateWay into a next-level company. Through his efforts, Bardsley plans to use the company to develop strategies that provide solutions that address food insecurities and homelessness creating stronger, healthier and happier communities.

Jimmy Sengchanh

Jimmy Sengchanh

Vice President/COO

Jimmy Sengchanh, Vice President/COO of GateWay Delivery, LLC was born in St. Petersburg, Florida arriving in Knoxville in 2009. He has always believed he was born to make a difference in improving and transforming people’s lives.

As a first generation Asian-American, Sengchanh is proud to bring his family values and strong work ethic to Knoxville to balance business and community.

Through integrity, compassion, hard work, good deeds and partnerships, Sengchanh strives to change the world, one community at a time!


Knoxville, TN

Tel: 865.964.3843


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